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Pssst…the Speakeasy secret is out!

Are you wondering why we chose to name our company Speakeasy Resorts?

When I think of a speakeasy, I imagine:

  • a secret escape from everyday life;
  • an exclusive place that only the coolest people know about; and
  • a fun place where all your worries melt away and you have good times with your favorite people

That’s what the Speakeasy life is all about.

Concan is a hidden jewel that not everyone knows about—not only is it one of the most beautiful places in Texas, it has a crystal clear river to float, family-friendly activities, live music, fun bars and restaurants, golf, shopping, and more. It’s the perfect blend of beauty and fun. Combine that with the Highball’s amazing infinity pool, firepit, 16 person hot tub, modern décor, luxe furnishings, and glam vibe, and you have a pretty awesome place that you will want to spread the word about to all your friends and family. In keeping with the theme, we named our vacation rental homes after drinks that were popular in the roaring 20’s. The Highball is now open, and the Moonshine and the Sidecar are coming soon.

The Speakeasy secret is out, and you are on the list! Welcome to the club…we hope to see you soon!

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